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M.Ed., CVBC, Certified Holistic Health Coach 
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Welcome to Inner Beauty Workshops    

In life we make choices.  We choose our partners, professions, homes, cars and what clothes we buy.  Why not choose to improve your health and well-being? Shouldn't it be at the front of the list?  Over the last 100 years, we have seen an enormous growth in technology.  There have been many positive advances such as the internet, for it has completely changed the way we conduct our daily affairs.  Even though the scientific community has soared with growth, our body has remained the same and, therefore, does not recognize current modern advances in food.  We need nourishment, which can only be provided by foods in their natural state.  Inner Beauty Workshops will teach you choices you may not have been aware of that will enhance your overall health and well-being.  Do you need to lose weight?  Well, that's just a perk.  It will happen naturally as you gradually make these changes.  Do you have the motivation and determination to change your life?



Here are some statements we know are facts:

  • Every hour one billion cells in the body must be replaced
  • Each second 10,000,000 of cells die and are replaced in the body
  • New skin is created every month
  • Our body is made up of mostly water

Our body's must get nutrients from the foods we eat.  Today, it is difficult to find pure food unless you can grow it yourself in your own backyard.  Genetically modified foods, fruits and vegetables grown in depleted soil and sprayed with chemicals, animals shot with hormones and antibiotics cannot supply our nutritional needs.  In addition, convenient processed foods, which are readily available in all our supermarkets will not feed our billions of cells that are crying for nourishment. Though a minute, microscopic organism, the cell is an independent living being, which is born, grows, eats, drinks, throws off waste matter, multiplies, ages, and dies, just like we do, the large cell.  If the individual cell is well, we, the complex cell, is well also.  The Inner Beauty Workshop's program will teach you how to up your nutrient levels by learning how to recognize and avoid chemicals in our every day foods.  Once you begin to increase your nutrient levels, your body will respond in ways you never thought it would.  This is the natural function of our miraculous body.  Once we learn how to feed our cells, our body will respond because we've allowed it to do what it does naturally.


Are you ready to learn how to take care of your body?

Are you ready to see the world with a new vision?

Are you ready to have more energy and more vibrancy?

Are you ready to become more positive and confident?

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to increase awareness
by educating and informing
our clients of lifestyle tips that will help them reach their personal goals. Our Workshops are designed to help men and women discover the forces that lie sleeping within them.


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Christine Segal
President/Owner Inner Beauty Workshops
Age 47


Inner Beauty Workshops serves Suffolk and Nassau County including, but not limited to, the following local communities: Port Jefferson, Port Jefferson Station, Mount Sinai, Miller Place,  Coram, Rocky Point,  Shoreham  Wading River,  Saint James,  East Setauket,  Belle Terre,  Poquot,  Setauket,  Smithtown,  Lake Grove,  Lake Ronkonkoma,  Selden,  Centereach,  Ridge, Stony Brook, Hauppauge, Holbrook, Nesconset, Old Field, Patchogue 11766, 11777, 11776, 11790, 11733, 11764, 11780, 11787.




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